Wednesday, September 29, 2010


We'd been "chewing" on the idea of getting a dog for over a year now, but adding another furry friend to the household was a decision that required a lot of careful thought and consideration. Raising a puppy is no easy task and you MUST have the time and energy to do it properly. We knew this well which is why it took us over a year to finally make it happen.

Tahoe's "Shoulder" season begins just after labor day and goes until the snow starts falling and the winter resorts open up again. Everything slows down and work is scarce so many people go on vacation or catch up on things that didn't get done during the summer. Our season with Big Blue Adventure was winding down so Heather and I thought this would be the perfect time for us to get our new addition.

Deciding on a breed was a difficult task. Heather and I wanted a medium size dog that was smart, affectionate, agile, and able to walk off leash. These characteristics were important to us due to our Tahoe lifestyle. But most importantly, we needed a dog that would get along with Boone, our roommate's dog, and fit in with the pack that we already have in place. In the end, we decided on an Australian Shepherd.

World meet Bodhi. He is an 8 week old Red Tri colored Australian Shepherd of excellent pedigree. He was born on a ranch just outside Reno to a breeder who specializes in Aussies. Her name is Colleen and if you are interested in getting an Australian Shepherd for either work or show (Bodhi's brother is still available), she is definitely the person to contact. Her number is (775) 843-3223. Heather and I went down to visit him last week, and as I'm sure it happens most of the time, we fell in love instantly! He reminded us of a little bear cub running around the house with his brother. We made arrangements to pick him up a few days later and began preparing our home for his arrival.

We are so excited and will post again with more updates and photos soon. He is sure to be the most photographed dog in the world!

-Matt and Heather

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  1. He is the cutest puppy ever!! Can't wait to meet him next week! Love you guys xoxo